8 Breakthrough Ideas to Go From Being Bored to Being a Benefit


I am a firm believer in the theory that every human being has an untapped talent as some kind of artist. I also believe that these talents are people’s way out of having a mediocre life. A popular meme roaming around on social media comes to mind that reads, “You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.” I believe that wholeheartedly, as do many others. Learn a new skill or enrich your mind leading to your purpose:

1. The library is your friend. Reading a good non-fiction book or autobiography will always bring fresh inspiration. You don’t have to limit yourself to certain subjects. The more you learn, the more your creativity ensues. You may even notice an innovative idea grow within you, and the next thing you know you’ve got a new passion!

2. Learn how to sew or crochet. How cool would that be?! This skill will always be needed no matter where you are. Think of all the neat clothing items and accessories you could create for babies, animals, friends, and family. Once you get good enough, you could even make a little money on the side and sell your creations. Sign up for classes at your local Michael’s Arts & Crafts,  Joann Fabrics, library, etc.

3. Learn how to cook. The sky is the limit with this skill. Eating will become more exciting, and more people will be drawn to you once you master this skill. The pleasure of seeing those you love and care about taking pleasure and benefiting from something made with your own hands will be incomparable. You could take any route with learning. You could be self-taught by going online and subscribing to websites such as allrecipes.com, the food network channel website or magazine, ohbiteit.com, and many others. (SN: You can also learn a lot from other people’s mistakes in the comments section of online recipes) You could also become a professional chef by going to culinary school.

4. Work on becoming a professional writer. Are you one of those people posting every single thought on your mind on Facebook? Perhaps you are a writer. Since you’re doing what you love for free, why not figure out a way to get paid for doing it as well? Writing is therapeutic for you, so you could make a living using your outlet for your and society’s benefit. You could be a screenwriter, novelist, journalist, magazine contributor, ghostwriter, copywriter, etc. The possibilities are endless!

5. Work on becoming a professional visual artist. There are many people sleeping on their talents that consists of drawing, painting, design, photography, ceramics, etc. It’s never too late to try your hand in this niche that you have a natural gift for. Keep drawing and build up your portfolio. There are a lot of people in different fields out there with great ideas, but don’t have the skill to make it come to fruition the same way they envision it. They need you and your gift!

6. Make a dedication to improving your physical self. You can start this for free by walking/jogging around your neighborhood and/or local school track. Quit smoking and/or drinking and use the extra money for a gym membership and healthier food choices. You will feel better and look better. For some, it becomes an obsession and lifestyle. Once people see your drastic change for the better, you could capitalize off it. It could lead to you becoming a personal trainer or some other profession dealing with fitness and nutrition.

7. Learn how to play a new musical instrument. This would open up a whole new world for you.  It benefits you in many ways. It relieves stress, enhances your memory, makes you smarter, exposes you to a new cultural history, improves your social life etc. You will thank yourself for a new and exciting purpose in life.

8. Learn a new language. Whether it’s Spanish, French, any other or sign language, it will be a benefit. How nice would it be to finally travel to a beautiful foreign country and effortlessly interact with the people there? Once you become fluent, you could also make a living as an interpreter, translator, or mediator down the line. How grateful would society be for you!


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